• Wounded Warriors of MS

From our Family ... to Yours ... a very Exciting MERRY CHRISTMAS!

From our Warriors, our Staff, our Board, our Volunteers, our Sponsors - we want to wish you and your family and very, very blessed Christmas. We hope you are able to spend time with your family, near and far. Enjoy the time you have together! Christmas is one of the Happiest times we can spend together. Please reach out to a Veteran, a neighbor, someone who is less fortunate than you, and provide them with a gift card for a meal, or gloves, or a cap or coat. If they have no one to spend Christmas with, invite them into your home for Christmas dinner. The reward in your heart will be overwhelming. May God deeply bless you for your generosity, warmth and compassion.

We are very blessed to have wonderful friends and Sponsors with us, we hope that you will do the same. We couldn't do what we do for our Wounded Warriors of Mississippi without your help and assistance. We hope you have the most Blessed and Wonderful Christmas of all. Giving from your heart is what its about. We love each and every one of you. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!