Mississippi's Wounded Warriors are all around us every day. You might not always see a Veteran’s injuries, not all of them are visible.  Post 9-11, we have hundreds upon hundreds that came back with physical and/or mental scars. They have made an ultimate sacrifice because they came home to spouses, children, and other family members as an extremely different person. These Heroes are now fighting a war within themselves to reconnect with society and they are finding this battle is as difficult as the battlefield itself.

The mission of “Wounded Warriors of Mississippi” is to help them with this battle. We help them mentally by organizing events where they can meet fellow warriors that share their daily struggles. We help them physically by assisting with daily tasks that have become too difficult to complete. We help them financially when they are struggling to pay a utility bill, get medications or other daily needs, and we help them spiritually because without God, this organization would not be what it is today and what it is going to grow to be.

As an added aid, we try to connect them with other organizations or resources that can help with their present needs should it be something unattainable by WW of MS.  “Wounded Warriors of Mississippi" always welcomes volunteers to help with our events, as well as monetary donations so we can continue to provide for the
men and women who fought and gave the best part of their lives for us.

Board of Directors


Shelly Rubio

Hap Bruce

Jimmy L Hunter

Leann Flanagan





Wilma Allen

Keith Grantham

Lisa Grantham



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