The 6th Annual Governor's Ride for Wounded Warriors of Mississippi was a HUGE success!   We had over 730 motorcycles and raised over $60,000!  THANK YOU!    

Our Raffle winner for the custom AR-15 was drawn by Governor Phil Bryant - the winner was Gary Douglas. The proceeds from the raffle tickets
raised nearly $18,000. 


Again, we are thankful for each one of you for your participation and support!  Thank you & God Bless!

Huge thank you to Bo Kirby for hosting the second
French Camp dove hunt for some of our Wounded Warriors. Getting outdoors and having fun is a great therapy for them along with the great camaraderie.


Camaraderie - that's what we do!
ca-ma-ra-de-rie   /   noun

mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.  
synonyms:  friendship, comradship, fellowship, companionship, fraternity

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2019 Wounded Warriors of Mississippi

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